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"Wonderful experience! All of the staff were very helpful. I had 12 treatments and lost over 9 inches. Thanks!"–S.V.

"After only a few treatments, I have lost several inches. My skin is tighter and even my stretch marks cleaned up! Dr Ross also provided some tips on healthy eating that will continue to keep the weight off!"–M.Z.

"Dr Ross and his staff helped me get back to living a healthy lifestyle. I lost a little over 7 inches and I am really pleased with the results. Look forward to coming back and treating my self to another round of body contouring!"–R.B.

"Was very skeptical in the beginning. However, after only 3 treatments, the results were obvious. Definitely going back for more." –- A.B

"I have lost at least the total of three inches and am gradually still losing. I am looking forward to being able to have time with my grand kids and not having to limit my activities by having more energy. My body contouring treatment experience was great, just lay back and let the machine do its thing. I tend to have more energy and have been able to fit into a smaller size, almost 2 sizes. My outlook is much better and brighter. I am more hopeful and even excited with my results." –Sherry

"Great Experience, friendly staff. Lost 4.75 inches in 9 sessions - good results!"–A.P.

"Dr. Ross is very helpful in helping you learn the proper foods to eat- how often and how much to eat. The list of good foods to eat and bad foods to eat was a major help. Dr. Ross is very thorough in explaining everything to you. All in all everything here is the best - from the doctor, staff and the treatment." –J.

"It was amazing. I lost over 2 inches. Great non-invasive treatment. There is no pain involved and it is a very relaxing treatment."–R.H.